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NewBreed Outdoors is a ministry to help facilitate men in relationships. Relationships with one another as well as a more solid and broad base relationship with Jesus Christ.

What does that mean? Men need a wider base to build their spiritual growth on. This comes with interacting with other men to discover that they are not alone in their struggles. This is why Jesus commanded the “oneanother’s”. In our spiritual journey it is much easier to take a man down when he feels alone in his own struggles. NewBreed Outdoors gives men time to interact with other men in an environment that is natural and consistent.

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Twice a year, we invite you to join us for an exhilarating kayaking and camping adventure. These events cater to a range of skill levels, ensuring that everyone can participate, regardless of their fitness level. One trip will focus on serene lake kayaking and fishing, while the other will take you on an exciting journey along the Verde River. Join us in May and October for these unforgettable experiences.


Our cycling trips are the ultimate challenge, combining the thrill of cycling with the camaraderie of a shared journey. These trips have a designated starting point and a final destination. While the main focus is cycling, we also need hosts who can assist with setting up camp, driving vehicles, and cooking. We offer a mild trip suitable for beginners who are eager to try cycling, as well as a more demanding trip that tests your endurance and navigational skills. These trips, taking place in June and January, provide an opportunity for personal growth, fostering deep inner strength and brotherhood. Embark on this transformative experience and witness the positive impact it can have on your life.


Join us for pure and simple camping experiences in the great outdoors. Take time to unwind, appreciate the tranquility of nature, and enjoy the bond of brotherhood. While hiking and exploration opportunities are available, they are not mandatory. Our camping events, held in July and February, offer a chance to recharge and connect with like-minded individuals.


For those seeking a more intimate adventure, we organize backpacking trips with smaller group sizes. These trips focus on on-foot travel and camping, with everything you need carried on your own back. Each trip follows a looped route, starting and ending at specific points. Join us in August and March as we venture into the wilderness, pushing our limits and forming lifelong memories. Please note that backpacking trips are exclusive to individuals capable of backpacking.

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Tim Kurtz


My name is Tim Kurtz, and this is my beautiful wife Lisa. We’ve been married 41 1/2 years. We had four children, which has turned in to eight grandchildren. We live in Gilbert presently and attend Mission Community Church. We moved from Illinois in 91 to attend Bible college here in AZ. We have been here ever since. We have lived in the valley for 23 of those years and 8 up in Williams AZ. We have been on staff for some of those years as well but always in ministry.

I came across Breathing Life by divine appointment and attended a weekend camp. I was so touched by the weekend that I decided to come back for more. It is the heart of Breathing Life that has captured me. I also have a heart for men. I believe as the man goes, so goes the family. I am also a lover of the outdoors and love getting men out and away from the normal grind of life. I have seen some amazing things happen when men are given time away from the business of day to day, and they can interact with other men. I am so glad my path crossed with Breathing Life, and I look forward to what God has in store for me here.

I presently work at R and K Building Supplies managing the installs for the window and door center. I am a carpenter by trade. I have always been in the filed of construction even while on staff in ministry. It has always been a conviction of mine to be in the regular workplace alongside non-Jesus followers while being surrounded by the business of church.

In 2001 while serving at a small church in Williams Az, and being involved in the construction of Young Life’s Lost canyon, my oldest son Bryan took his own life two days after 9/11. It has changed me, and my family forever. At times it seemed we were not going to survive this tragedy. But by God’s great grace alone, we are thriving. I want to use this platform to help give hope to men who are also feeling hopeless and overwhelmed with the struggles they are facing. This is why I feel blessed to be involved in what God has done, is doing, and is going to do through the Breathing Life.

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