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About new breed Ministries

New Breed Ministries exists to Engage, Encourage, Equip and Empower Men to be the men of God they are called to be based on their NEW identity in Christ

We can’t tell the story of New Breed Ministries without first talking about the inspiration behind our corporate umbrella, Breathing Life International.

Breathing Life International was birthed from an amazing passage of scripture found in the book of Ezekiel. God not only speaks with the prophet Ezekiel but he commands his participation in the resurrection of dry bones.

The same is true today.

God is on the move in this world and he wants our participation in His work of redemption. As God breathes the breath of life into us, we are to do the same with others. Our guiding values, the 4 E’s were developed as God breathed life into our team one night where we met. He was laying the foundation of what Breathing Life International is all about. A foundation built upon the creator of the universe wanting to have a relationship with us; encouraging us to be that breathe of life to others.

We realized that what we had encountered over many years in ministry is a vast nation of dry bones. Christians with the life sucked out of them. Many on life-support simply crying out to connect but feeling unnoticed and disposable. We discovered people leaving religion and church; turning their backs on the status quo and the way things have always been done. We found people not truly understanding God and somehow believing all He expects from us is our service and our money. We talked with people beat up and broken down by life; others who had given up on relationships, having found them self-serving, one-sided and dishonest. The list goes on and on and by now I’m sure you get the point!

The life blood of Breathing Life International is to engage with people, breathing life whenever, and wherever we can, to rise up a vast army of healthy believers. Our passion is to encourage people to see themselves as God sees them; as His children, desperately and completely loved! Then when people start to come back to life, provide the tools to equip and empower them to serve Him.
We believe our logo captures the breathing of life into dry bones, and that He uses natural men in supernatural ways to do it!

board of directors

The board of directors of breathing life is dedicated to the strategic leadership and growth of this organization.

Kerry hogan

President, CEO

Mentor, small group leader and follower of Jesus.

My heart and my passion are for mentoring and discipleship. I love Jesus, His word and desire to live in His grace and love more of the time. My calling is ministry to men in general and to the fatherless in specific. I believe we live in a world where strong role models are in decline and even more significant is the rise of absentee fathers resulting in no role model or guidance at all. This has led to extended adolescence, the “entitlement” mentality and men with no clear purpose in life. It has produced a generation of apathetic, passive men unwilling to lead themselves or families well or accept responsibility for their own actions.

Geoff Sharp

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew 25:40 “…. Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of least of
these my brothers, you did it to me.”

My role model for being a servant is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My entry into this servanthood started at a young age when I began
teaching adults how to swim and developed further as I began to work with the homeless at the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. When I retired, we moved to the Phoenix area where I
continued to work with the homeless population in the Valley. Being
part of the New Breed Ministries enables me to expand my
servanthood. Improving the lives of men and helping them grow in
their faith walk deepens my faith and love in Jesus Christ.

I have been married to my wife for 41 years and we have two adult
children and two grandsons.

Stephen Krueger


Jesus, until He gets ahold of your heart nothing changes. Once He does,
everything changes.

I grew up in the “normal” Christian family that went to Lutheran Church almost every weekend. I went through the motions thinking I was a “good guy” and proclaiming it to others as if I actually believed it. For 40 years I did what I thought I could do to get into Heaven because I said those magic words, I Trust in Jesus, while not really working it out in my
head or my life. That was until the kingdom I built fell apart. That journey led me to my knees and a real transforming relationship with The Savior Jesus. I thank Jesus for opening my eyes to Him, His beauty, and the men of Breathing Life International. They are a Brotherhood of men that care for, invest, shepherd and sharpen the hurting and needy just like Jesus.

Stephan Cole

“I am a cherished son”

My name is Stephan, I am a cherished son of the heavenly Father and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I didn’t always think of myself in this way, in fact when I was a child, I had no idea about God or the work that Jesus did for me. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood where I saw a lot of violence and drug abuse, that lead to a general distrust for people.  My parents were good people, but they were ill equipped to handle the things we were going through. Around the age of 8 my dad checked out of any emotional connection he had with us and basically became absent going to work and then the bar. This was a time that I needed him the most and lead to a deep feeling that I was unworthy of love.

Henry Castillo

Vice-President, Chairman

Oh how time flies! It only seems like just a few years ago I moved to Arizona and my daughter Sheila was born. She’s all grown up now and I’ve been happily married to my best friend Amy for 35+ years. Come to think of it, I started serving in ministry about 40+ years ago. Yeah, I’m an old guy now, but feel like I can run a mile after a good nap!

Thomas MacQueen

Chief Information Officer

My name is Tom and I’ve lived in the Phoenix area for almost three years. Prior to that I lived in Central Florida for 10 years. My roots can be found in the Metro Detroit area where I grew up and attended college at Northwood University. I have an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Administration and upon graduation I worked in the hospitality industry for Gaylord Hotels, Marriott and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. After leaving the cruise industry, I decided that I wanted to work in software and training so I joined Oracle America. I’ve worked for the company for almost 6 years in a variety of different positions included consulting, training and solutions engineering. What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to travel around the world and empower our customers. In 2019 I was able to complete my Masters in Training and Development from Central Michigan University. I have been a believer since I was a small child, and I believe that God put a passion and desire in my heart to work with men coming out of recovery. I didn’t just want to serve food or clean, I desired to do something that could help these men transform and better themselves.

Howard Lennie


I was born and raised on the South Island of New Zealand, land of hobbits and Middle Earth. While touring with a theater company in Australia, I met and married my American-born wife of more than 30 years.

I have been following Jesus for more than four decades. I’ve come to realize that this journey of faith boils down to answering the following two questions: Who is Jesus? And, who am I in Him?

Fred Piccirillo


My name is Fred. Carrie, my wife of 34 years, and I live in Gilbert Arizona. We have three daughters, one son, two granddaughters, two grandsons, one dog, and four chickens. My children live in the area, so it is nice not having to travel too far to see them. Carrie and I always look forward to when we are all together sharing a meal or just visiting. A jet taking off is 150 decibels, which is loud enough to rupture eardrums. I am convinced we are close to that volume at family gatherings.

Bobby Kurbat


While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the “sinners” and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’?

new breed point men

Tim Kurtz


My name is Tim Kurtz, and this is my beautiful wife Lisa. We’ve been married 41 1/2 years. We had four children, which has turned in to eight grandchildren. We live in Gilbert presently and attend Mission Community Church. We moved from Illinois in 91 to attend Bible college here in AZ. We have been here ever since. We have lived in the valley for 23 of those years and 8 up in Williams AZ. We have been on staff for some of those years as well but always in ministry.

I came across Breathing Life by divine appointment and attended a weekend camp. I was so touched by the weekend that I decided to come back for more. It is the heart of Breathing Life that has captured me. I also have a heart for men. I believe as the man goes, so goes the family. I am also a lover of the outdoors and love getting men out and away from the normal grind of life. I have seen some amazing things happen when men are given time away from the business of day to day, and they can interact with other men. I am so glad my path crossed with Breathing Life, and I look forward to what God has in store for me here.

I presently work at R and K Building Supplies managing the installs for the window and door center. I am a carpenter by trade. I have always been in the filed of construction even while on staff in ministry. It has always been a conviction of mine to be in the regular workplace alongside non-Jesus followers while being surrounded by the business of church.

In 2001 while serving at a small church in Williams Az, and being involved in the construction of Young Life’s Lost canyon, my oldest son Bryan took his own life two days after 9/11. It has changed me, and my family forever. At times it seemed we were not going to survive this tragedy. But by God’s great grace alone, we are thriving. I want to use this platform to help give hope to men who are also feeling hopeless and overwhelmed with the struggles they are facing. This is why I feel blessed to be involved in what God has done, is doing, and is going to do through the Breathing Life.

Kris Dellano


My Name is Kristopher Dellano AKA “Cuba” throughout my life I lived in the world, doing worldly things. Until one day God appeared in my life from a jail cell in 2019. Since then, I have come to know God and all his glory. God has transformed my life in a way that I would not have ever imagined. From homelessness, drugs not caring about anything to change the man that I used to be to one that has been slowly learning how to be a man again. Now I live for God so that I can be the light in this dark world helping fellow brothers in hope that they would receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

Steve McCalley

I grew up in a large family and I knew about Jesus. I thought I knew love, but I did not know about unconditional love. At age 21, someone shared the gospel and to my surprise my father exemplified Christ likeness to me and my Family.

My identity in Christ (Gal 2:20) has changed over the years. Not really knowing how to be a father, a husband or even a good friend, I had to learn from others. My wife Bonnie’s persistence to Love of God, Family, and children and Gary Howell’s counsel and friendship influence by walk with Christ.

In 2018, I reconnected with Kerry and Gary and was invited to New Breed’s men camp. Jesus changed my life again. I finally realized my identity in Christ as never before. The vision statement of New Breed
Ministries is the “4 E’s”. This vision was simple, easy to apply. I hear the Holy Spirit say just follow me, and let me show you what can happen. I started Engaging with men, Encouraging them (verbally, physical
presence or written word), Equipping them with tools (knowledge, opportunities, finances, …) and then, Empowering them – by helping them hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit in their lives.


Cliff Danley


Cliff Danley is the Senior Scholarship Administrator at Grace Sober Living where he is providing opportunities for GSL residents to pursue their personal and professional goals with education tuition assistance provided by the Steele Family Foundation.

Prior to joining the GSL team Cliff spent 13years at the Phoenix Rescue Mission where he headed up a high-volume residential Aftercare program which included teaching the program
clients Biblical Discipleship and Life Skills. Cliff expertise and passion is to help men not just sustain long term sobriety but to discover their vocational potential and then achieve that
potential through education.

Cliff is an experienced public speaker, certified chaplain since 2010, ministering as an intern in hospitals and elderly care centers before accepting his position at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. He became ordained within the Anglican tradition in the Fall of 2022 at the Good Shepherd Anglican Church.

Cliff’s most important achievement is the 22 months he spent from 2005 to late 2006 in Christ centered residential recovery. This was a time for rededicating his life to Christ and the birth of his new calling, to help others that are suffering in a life far less than what life is intended to be.

Rich Heitz


Growing up in the Chicago area life wasn’t always that simple. Growing up from 13 on without a father. The alcoholics in the family and the neighborhood. Growing up learning to be angry and hate people. Living with racism. Experiencing all types of addictions alcohol and drugs. Having a hard time at home. I turned to the streets for direction and guidance and spent a lot of time locked up. In 2015 I got sober and turned to Jesus I’ve had great mentorship from Breathing Life members who are also my brothers. I have received a lot of healing from Jesus, Which allowed me to be married to my beautiful wife Tawny. Coming up on 4 years in April, my wife and I lead a Celebrate Recovery at North Phoenix Baptist Church. I have also been employed with this Church as the Hope Center Manager for almost the last year. We have an amazing God.

Joshua Lentz

I have been restored by the grace of God to be a tool for my good and His glory. I joined New Breed a year ago when the Holy Spirt brought Henry into my life when I needed guidance the most. I have been raised in the Church but never truly understood or knew God before I saw the incredible life changing works He has done in my life and in the life’s of New Breed men. I am a husband and father. I have a passion for fatherhood and I am starting a mentorship group for fathers in all walks of life to better equip ourselves against the fight that is breaking the family unit apart today.


Rylin Brown

I hail from the picturesque Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado but now call Arizona home. As a first-generation El Salvadorian-American, I bring a rich cultural heritage and a unique perspective to everything I do. Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in Business Communications at Grand Canyon University, where I’m honing my skills to effectively connect and communicate in the business world.

An entrepreneur at heart, my professional journey has been deeply rooted in business development and sales. My passion for innovation and growth drives me to continually seek new opportunities and challenges. Alongside my studies and professional pursuits, I’m a dedicated creator of hip hop music, drawing inspiration from my surroundings and experiences.

In addition to my love for music, I’m an avid explorer of nature and a fervent traveller. I find joy and rejuvenation in the great outdoors, always ready for the next adventure. This adventurous spirit extends to my dedication to helping others succeed in their lives, a mission I hold dear.

At the age of 17, I felt a divine calling to support and mentor young men, which led to the founding of the “Young Men and Fire” ministry under New Breed. This ministry is a testament to my commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of leaders. Through “Young Men and Fire,” I provide guidance, support, and inspiration to young men, helping them navigate life’s challenges with faith and resilience.

Whether in business, music, or ministry, I embody a passion for making a positive impact and fostering growth in myself and others. My journey is a blend of professional ambition, creative expression, and heartfelt service to the community, making me a multifaceted and inspiring individual.


advisory/legacy board

Bill McCance


Hebrews 12:1 

I live my life for God now… running the race that is marked out for me as best I can with the information I currently have… the cloud of witnesses is not just God… but everyone around me… it is my job to be the best representation of God i can be for them… my name is Bill McCance… I use to rodeo… I am a hunter… I have been a financial advisor with the same firm for 20+ years… I am an Arizona native… I hated God for the first 35 years of my life… I asked Him for forgiveness on a fathers day weekend and have been living the dream ever since…

Ron Liufau


My name is Ron Liufau and I am privileged to be a part of the Breathing Life International team! We live in the most technology driven, fast paced, information rich, communication capable, global time in history and yet, we still bow down to the simple carpenter that changed the world more dramatically than any of the things I just mentioned… and without the aid of a cell phone! Our God is an awesome God.

in memorial

Gary Howell


One of the questions I ask when counseling someone is, “what is the primary question that dictates the actions and beliefs of your life?” I usually get a long pause and then a blank stare, until I enter into a little more of a description to the question. What I’m really trying to help them discover is that one thing that moves them, the core reason for why they exist, the overall purpose that drives their direction, actions and fulfillment. When I asked myself that question I was able to conclude that my primary question is “How can I help people.” I was able to define that question by looking back as well as dreaming forward.

A special tribute to our brother Gary Howell courtesy of James Rupersburg. 

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