To help men develop skills and
knowledge to impact other men,
their families, churches and


Helping men to lead and manage group dynamics while being mindful of ethics and confidentiality


Guiding men to prepare for applied studies using relevant materials for further training


Managing activities, calender’s, goals and strategy plans


Identifying/affirming leaders and training future leaders

Career & Workforce Development

In a path towards renewal and sanctification, we need to be able to create and cultivate. Whether it’s taking care of one’s own self, providing for a family, or contributing towards a community. 

Our ministry provides a variety of different services to help connect those in need with the skills and resources to transform into their God given potential.

Services we provide:

  • Career Coaching
  • Career Workshops ( Resume & Interview Prep) 
  • College & Trade school (Helping to apply and getting loans) 
  • Career Mentoring

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