Walk with other men through good times and hard times while integrating the love of Jesus Christ


Confirming the potential in another man


Inspiring confidence to contribute to a man’s personal growth


Offering men direction that leads to life change


Provide support and encouragement to other men that inspires the confidence to initiative change

Titus House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underserved men with a community of love, support and shelter as they rebuild their lives. Titus House aims to provide men with a supportive low cost Christian community where they can grow, obtain a career, live the truth of God’s word and achieve a successful transition back into society as productive citizens and builders of His Kingdom.

The Titus House Mentoring Ministry is designed for the purpose of cultivating holistic relationships between the residents of Titus House and Christian men who desire to follow the word of God and serve others. Breathing Life International has partnered with Titus House to develop these mentoring relationships. 

Each resident is assigned a mentor to engage with on a one-on-one basis. The confidentiality of this relationship is of utmost importance and we ask our mentors to keep all personal conversation between them and their mentees, with certain exceptions such as safety or health. The idea is to build lifelong, God-centered relationships, where the men in Titus House can reach out to their mentor for advice, guidance and support. This ministry is volunteer based and always in need of mentors.


Should you have a desire to find out more or volunteer, please reach out to Tom Macqueen.

bible & brew

Bible and Brew is a men’s small group devoted to one very simple premise; men cannot do life alone! We are committed to the development of genuine relationships that are only created by doing life together. We encourage spiritual growth by spending time in God’s Word and other topically relevant studies to encourage our journey.

Not sure if this is for you?

It’s a safe place where any guy with a desire to know God more can come and learn, share, grow and mature. We don’t claim to have life all figured out. We realize we are all broken and in need our savior Jesus Christ. We all struggle, but we don’t hide behind our junk. We are transparent, vulnerable and real, which creates a safe place for men to talk about real issues that affect their lives. Whether you’re still trying to figure out who Jesus is or you’re a biblical scholar, there’s a place for you at our table. Just bring a healthy dose of genuine honesty and transparency!

Why Bible & Brew?

We aren’t a group of guys caught up in pretending that we need to be different people when we go to church and especially when we dive into the Word of God. We want to invite God into our daily lives, just as we are, and that includes possibly having a beer and chicken wings while studying the Bible! This is how we invite and incorporate God into our daily lives and daily activities… In real, authentic community!

Chandler – When & Where

Leader: Kerry Hogan
(480) 205-5850

Location: Fibber McGee’s Irish Pub
1989 W. Elliot Rd. Chandler, AZ 85224

Time: Thursdays from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

ELEVATE is a Forum for learning, developing and discussing the application of Living in Fullness as Jesus and scripture describes it.

It’s common to invite men to a Bible study and have a fraction of them actually show up. On top of that, the fallout rate is pretty high. So, I designed Elevate to be a place where men “Collaborate” under a formatted process that focuses on developing friendships into relationships while incorporating biblical studies that teach spiritual growth for living from the inside out. Taking life to a new level lines up with Jesus’ teachings to live as a new creation the abundant life he has for us.

Building friendships and relationships through a commitment to come together for a period of time, establishes longevity in attendance. Collaboration aids the merging of the minds and hearts to brainstorming ideas, help resolve issues and encourage each other toward greatness, thus elevating life and living. Collaboration develops partnerships with each other.

Elevate is an early morning gathering. Typically this type of early meeting or mid-day meetings attract professionals with flexible schedules and or men with incredible discipline as well as the old guys that are close to retirement or simply retired. These men are more likely to stay the course long term. This gathering separates men into small groups of 2-6 men. The commitment to come together to build and encourage each other is dynamic for these types of men. The flow system we will implement in the organization will also help develop new candidates for Point Man.

Weekly Sessions

5:30 AM – Intro/Worship
6:00 – 6:30 AM – Collaboration/Partnership Session


Journeymen is primarily a virtual gathering of like minded men with a passion to learn more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit by being in our studies daily using an app called YouVersion (works on both Apple & Android). Study plans are chosen and invites to participate each time. You can opt-in or opt-out as your schedule allows, however, we encourage each man to practice a daily routine. The studies range from simple to complex but there’s always something in them for everyone. Each study consists of a devotional (sometimes with accompanied videos), scripture verses that support the devotional’s message, and most powerful is the “Talk it Over” section at the end where we post our observations, takeaways, ah-ha’s, questions, or simply support for what someone else wrote!

Journeymen are helping guys learn the nature of God through his word and practical studies where we get to let it transform us. It’s a great way to develop fellowship with other men and you don’t even have to live close by! If you do, some of us usually gets together for coffee/breakfast on Friday mornings at 6am. We are currently meeting at Chase’s diner on the NW corner of Warner and Alma School.

If you are interested in participating in the YouVersion study, or simply want to stop by for some coffee on a Friday morning, you can call Cecil Walker at 480.236.5763 for details.

If you are interested in learning more or joining any of these ministries, please fill out the form and indicate your interest area and any additional details. A member of the Breathing Life team will reach out shortly.