Last year at my local gym I was accused of something I did not do. I was completely innocent. One of the older guys that works out there was talking to another guy and pointing to the parking lot. He was pointing towards the direction of my truck and used a few choice words to describe the driver.

He said the black truck dented his car. He described what I could only assume was an extensive amount of damage and became increasingly emotional as he talked about it.

I asked what vehicle he was talking about. I learned it was mine@! I then asked him to explain what he thought happened. He told me in no uncertain terms my vehicle left a dent in his car.

I tried to explain to him I had no idea what he was talking about and was never near his vehicle. In fact, I parked far from everyone so I don’t get door dinks on my truck.

His accusations went on for the next 3 months! Each time he would see him his demeanor would instantly change and he would mumble and curse under his breath.

One day in the locker room it came to a head. He accused me for the last time. We got into a verbal confrontation at which time I told him I wanted to see the damage to his vehicle I supposedly did.

We walked to the parking lot to his little white Kia. He showed me an infinitesimal dent in the right rear fender. I almost laughed when I saw it.  I didn’t, however, because he was very upset about our confrontation.

I have to tell you, it was the SMALLEST dent I had ever seen! In fact a thin coat of dirt on the car would have completely disguised it.  He was convinced; however, it was a “dent” with black paint transfer from my vehicle.

I told the man I did not feel I caused the dent but I knew someone who could fix it for him and that I would be willing to pay half of whatever it cost to be fixed. His demeanor changed in an instant. He said, “you would really do that?” I assured him I would and I set him up with my friend who does paint-less dent repair.

The Holy Spirit whispered to my heart that Jesus stood accused in my place. He “gave up his right to be right.” He had done nothing wrong. In fact, false witnesses were called in to fabricate a story so Jesus could be put to death.

Mark 14:60-61 says, “Then the high priest stood up before then and asked Jesus, “Are you not going to answer? What is this testimony that these men are bringing against you?” But Jesus remained silent and gave no answer.”

The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that day telling me that Jesus gave up his right to be right, and I needed to do the same if I was ever to be a witness to this man.

In a culture where we are taught to defend our rights, Jesus taught the opposite. He modeled humble strength! He did it to bring glory to his Father!

How then should we live?
Are there times where we could give up our right to be right to bring glory to Jesus?
Could giving up our right to be right allow us the privilege of speaking into the life of someone we may not otherwise be able to?
Are there those we have hurt because of our stubborn pride? If we have, can the Holy Spirit teach us how to make it right?
Just some thoughts as I continue to be taught!