Henry Castillo

Oh how time flies! It only seems like just a few years ago I moved to Arizona and my daughter Sheila was born. She’s all grown up now and I’ve been happily married to my best friend Amy for 35+ years. Come to think of it, I started serving in ministry about 40+ years ago. Yeah, I’m an old guy now, but feel like I can run a mile after a good nap!

I would love to share with you a short story I’ll title “How I ended up in BLi”. It has a lot to do with Genesis 2 where we read that God Breathes life into man and Ezekiel 37 where God breaths life to a valley of bones and raises an army. When I moved to Arizona the message of Ezekiel 37 was spoken to me by a pastor who told me I was to take over his church. I rejected his prophetic words. It sounded like he just wanted out and thought I was gullible enough to help him out. Not! A few years later that pastor left the church in shambles. The new pastor assigned to take it over was removed shortly after. The minister assigned to oversee the church asked me to temporarily take over and you guessed it! I served that congregation for 12 years.

In 2009 I decided to take a long sabbatical from decades of traditional church “Pastoral” roles.  During this resting period, Kerry, Gary and Paul invited me to breakfast. That morning they invited me to join them and help them to develop “A Great Idea” into an organization. Even though it sounded like a great idea, I kept telling myself repeatedly not to disturb my peaceful rest. But then, Kerry handed me his BLi card and when I saw the picture of the Valley of Dry Bones on it, I felt fire and chills go through my body! I knew it was time to be part of what God had planned for this ministry.

During the next few months we met, prayed and talked about what BLi was all about. We developed the documents and the Four E’s and began building a board. Who we are today is work in progress. I believe that our history and future will have a tremendous impact in the many lives that will be touched by the Gospel message through BLi. We love to live, teach and share the message of Jesus Christ in a natural and organic way. BLi is the perfect environment to engage, encourage, equip and empower men who choose to be a “New Breed”, among men.

So what about ministry for the future? Keep an eye out for the emerging of Point Men in BLi.

Henry Castillo

Breathing Life International, Vice-President